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Decorise Inc

Decorise Inc
16694 113 Ave NW
Edmonton AB
Booth: 2124

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The custom feature to any new design or remodel Printed Glass Backsplash’s are both a vibrant and durable. Produced with DECORISE INC Fuse-Ink printing process, glass backsplash’s use permanent ceramic inks fused directly into the glass. Due to there durability and easy to clean nature glass backsplash’s are an ideal substitute for tiles and other materials. Photographs, illustrations, paintings and even marble textures are available with printed glass backsplash’s making it the custom feature of any project.Printed glass backsplash’s can be installed in place of a regular kitchen backsplash or outdoors in alfresco areas. They are ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms and showers, or in lift wells to create eye popping features. Irregular shapes to fit range hoods or around corners are no problem, Integral Seal’s production facility is more than capable too deal with any application.

At the core of our innovative approach lies the art of tempered glass decoration. We provide custom sizes and designs as a unique alternative to traditional options like ceramic tile, granite, and quartz. By applying these designs to tempered glass, we transform spaces such as kitchen backsplashes, shower walls, fireplaces, and feature walls with seamless and visually striking results.

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We offer 10% off for Home and Garden guests. Valid for May 31 2024.

New Products

All products we offer 4 to 6 mm tempered glass for kitchen backsplash, bathroom vanity, showel walls, fireplace, feature wall or custom table top with any design prints or plain colors.

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