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Prostate Cancer Centre - MAN VAN

Prostate Cancer Centre - MAN VAN
6500 – 7007 14 Street SW
Calgary Alberta

Company Description:

The Prostate Cancer Centre's MAN VAN® is Canada’s first mobile men’s health clinic offering free PSA (prostate-specific antigen) blood testing that can help in the early detection of prostate cancer.

Serving southern Alberta since 2009, the MAN VAN® has now expanded to reach all Alberta men across the province.

1/6 Alberta men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime which often progresses with little to no symptoms. Early detection is the key to treating this disease. 10 - 15 minutes can save your life!

Show Specials:

The MAN VAN® will be onsite offering free PSA blood tests for men aged 50-70*, which can help with early detection of prostate cancer. No appointment necessary! * Testing guidelines & age criteria are region specific. for more info.


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