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Rose Ridge Farms

Box 340
Thorhild AB
Booth: 1543; 1545; 1547

Company Description:

We Raised The Steaks...Rose Ridge Farms has been raising cattle, on our family farm north of Edmonton, since 1962. Our second generation farm has also retailed beef, off our farm, since 1990.
Our grass-fed beef is under 20 months of age and we do NOT use
growth hormones or anti-biotics in our beef.
Being a closed herd, we only retail beef we raise and feed on our farm. Beef our family consumes as well.

Show Specials:

Trial Pack - 1.5lb lean ground, 3lb roast, 2 grilling steaks(10%Disc) Seasoned or Unseasoned Beef Patties(10% Disc) Inflation Fighter Deals.... Pre-order: Split-Side Beef Pack (Delivery Free) Side of Beef-custom cut & wrapped in

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