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Shield Windows and Doors Ltd.

Shield Windows and Doors Ltd.
66 Lambert Crescent St.
Alberta AB
Booth: 1101

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A message from co-founder David Smeding…
I started renovating windows in 2009 and quickly started to really enjoy the work. Every home is built uniquely, and each situation calls for a custom solution, so there was always a new challenge in finding the best way to get the job done.

So in 2012, Poul and I decided to start our own company. What I enjoyed most about renovating people’s windows and doors was how much just doing the windows and doors could improve someone’s home. First customers were extremely happy with the difference we made to the look of their homes, or when we would new openings how much we could bring the outdoors in.

They would soon find out also how much more comfortable their home was. We have always had satisfied customers who showed much appreciation and this has been very rewarding.

The unexpected joy of our work was the relationships we do build with customers, finding out what will work best for them and what’s the best decision for how we are going to improve their home and then while completing the install working with them when necessary to make sure they are getting the best experience.

We work with an excellent product which helps us to achieve keeping people’s homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter while still getting the most light into their home with each opening.

The Fiberglass Window manufacturer we work with is a family owned and operated company as well, so we can work closely with them to make sure the product is always improving and we can keep customer service at the top of our priorities.

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