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White Lightning Distillery

White Lightning Distillery
13124 134 Street NW
Edmonton AB
Booth: 1637

Company Description:

Proudly distilled in Barrhead, White Lightning has been crafting spirits in small batches for the last 3 years. Building partnerships and a positive reputation, we have attended and brought the fun to hundreds of different Artisan and Farmer's Markets throughout Alberta!

Unwilling to cut corners, we produce our vodka using only real fruit; no fake sugars, chemicals or preservatives and our gin is a symphony of spices and botanicals from all over the world! We also have some of the smoothest Whisky you will ever taste.
Distilled 22 times and filtered, our signature "no burn finish" will Illuminate all of your cocktails. Give us a taste and see for yourself how Alberta farmer's wheat and barley help you create unparalleled cocktails; from a Smokey Barrel Aged Gin Old Fashioned to a flavor-filled Real Fruit Moscow Mule! You'll be Shocked at how great your cocktails taste with our gin, vodka, and whisky getting you started in the right direction! Reasonably priced. Sustainably sourced. Let White Lightning Electrify your spirits.

New Products

Our Wildman Whisky (45%) and our Wildman Whisky Cask Strength (75.2%) has been described as being the smoothest Whisky in Canada.

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