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Thursday, March 23rd 

Noon  Show Open

5PM  Mariel &  Humberto Hernandez -  Huma Mexican Restaurant
Mexican Comfort Food 

6PM  Peter Keith & Will Kotowicz -  Meuwly's Edmonton 
Secret Meat Club 

Friday, March 24th 

Noon  Show Open

2PM  Josh Ferry -  Match Eatery & Public House

3PM  Steve Buzak - Royal Glenora Club
Brunch 'O'Clock with RGC Culinairians

4PM  Peter Keith & Will Kotowicz - Meuwly's 
Secret Meat Club 

5PM  Michael Giasson -  Have Mercy

6PM  Massimo Capra - Food Network Canada Chopped Canada

Saturday, March 25th

10AM  Show Open

1PM  Tony Le - Century Hospitalty Group
BBQ Party Appetizers 

2PM  Massimo Capra - Food Network Canada Chopped Canada

3PM  Karylynn Johnson - The Kitchen Magpie 
Baking Up Prairie Classics 


6PM  Daniel Huber - Second Line Food Service
Etouffe; a Cajun Classic 

Sunday, March 26th 

10AM  Show Open

Noon  Levi Biddlecomb - Packrat Louie
International Fusion 

1PM  Ayumi Yuda - Ikka Izakaya
Sushi 101 & 'Deco-Sushi'

2PM  Karylynn Johnson - The Kitchen Magpie
Baking Up Prairie Classics 

3PM  Chris Hrynyk- Sorrentino's Restaurant Group